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Villa in Kannur

Listing 1 to 12 out of 27 results.

Sale Villa / House 7 Cent for this price Rs.Nineteen Lakhs (Total) by Owner
Iritty Karikkottakari, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 11.6 Cent for this price Rs.Forty Two Lakhs per Cent by Owner
Kadannapally Chandappura, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 3500 Sqft for this price Rs.Ninety Five Lakhs (Total) by Owner
Kannur, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 1800 Sqft for this price Rs.Thirty Five Lakhs per Sqft by Owner
Mattanur College, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 33 Cent for this price Rs.One Lakh Fifty Thousands per Cent by Owner
Pulikurumba, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 3000 Sqft for this price Rs.Eighty Five Lakhs (Total) by Owner
Chakkarakal, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 12 Cent for this price Rs.Fifteen Lakhs (Total) by Owner
Chengam, Kannur

Rent Villa / House 1600 Sqft for this price Rs.Ten Thousands per Monthly by Owner
Mattannur, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 11 Cent for this price Rs.Seventy Five Lakhs per Cent by Owner
Nadapuram Kannur, Calicut

Sale Villa / House 10 Cent for this price Rs.One Crore Twenty Five Lakhs (Total) by Owner
Thaliparamba, Kannur

Sale Villa / House 11.5 Cent for this price Rs.Sixty Five Lakhs (Total) by Owner
Papinisseri, Kannur

Sale Apartment 68 Cent for this price Rs.Two Lakh Fifty Thousands per Cent by Owner
Chalode Irikkur, Kannur