Retirement Homes for Old Age in Kannur, Thalassery & Kodiyeri

Retirement Homes for Old Age in Kannur, Thalassery & Kodiyeri

Retirement homes for senior citizen in Kannur are available at your budget for luxury living. Old age house by government, christian management and private homes with best food with accommodation are available in Thalassery and Kodiyeri.

Retirement Home in Kannur

  1. Vishranthi – the old age village
    Address: Kadannappally - Medical College Rd
    Kadannappally, Kerala 670501
    Phone: 094470 5625
  2. Kripa Nursing Home
    Address: Talap, Kannur
    Kerala 670002
    Phone: 0497 270 0291
  3. St. Joseph’s Disabled Centre
    Address:Muthalappara, Ariyil P O, Kannur.
  4. Sneha Haven
    Address:St.Stephen Charitable Society
    Alachery, Chittariparamba, Kannur.
  5. Karunya Haven
    Address:Home for the Aged
    Snehagiri Missionary Sisters
    Karunapuram, Thadikkadavu
    P.O, Kannur, 670 581.
  6. Assissi Home
    Address:Deena Haven
    Mariyapuram, Pariyaram
  7. Nirmalalayam Aged home
    Address:Madi P.O, Kannur, 670 304.
  8. Devidan Centre
    Kolayad P O, Tellicherry, Kannur, 670 648.
  9. Karunalayam
    Address:Bishop S Valloppilly Jubilee Memorial Home For The Aged
    Chemperi P.O, Kannur, 670 632.
  10. Dinasevanasabha
    Address:Snehaniketan Social Centre
    St. Joseph’s Centre for Disabled
    Muthalapara, Ariyil, P.O, Pattuvam (via)
    Kannur, 670 143.
  11. Franciscan Clarist Convent
    Address:Kunnoth, Kilianthra, P.O
    Iritty (via), Kannur, 670 076.

Old Age House in Thalassery

  1. Society For Social Empowerment And Development
    Address:XI/133, Post Office Building
    New Mahe (Po)
    Thalassery - 670101
  2. Winners Club And Library
    Address:Thalassery, Thalassery - 670101

Senior Citizen Living in Kodiyeri

  1. Sreenidhi
    Address: Enghayil Peedika-Muzhikkara Rd
    Kodiyeri, Kerala 670102
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